Want to create your own academy, better educate your employees or have special knowledge to share, but feel like the platforms and software on the market are very limited or don't have the things you need?

Blackbelt offers all the features you can think of and more.

Content creation

Videos, texts and images
User-friendly environment for adding any types of media (videos, pictures, images).

Forms and quizzes
For effective learning we implemented quizzes feature, that will help students test their knowledge.

Do you need to teach in different countries? No problem.
Your courses can be in different languages.

Categories and tags
Clever search mechanism, that helps with searching through tags and categories.

Articles & Knowledge base
Content creation feature, that allows you to write articles, SOP or any other knowledge base.

Clean news admin for any information you want to send out to your students.

Learning management

User–friendly web app
Every part of this app is developed for the end-user, so learning is easier and nicer than ever.

Responsive and mobile–friendly
You don't need to be on your computer every day, just take out your mobile and learn from anywhere you want.

User management
Add or remove users with a clever user management system. Every legal necessity included.

Have everything in control. See what are you learning right now or see what are your students doing.

Learning journeys
Connect courses, so your students can have a clear visualization of what they need to learn to level up!

Gradually unlocking content
Unlock courses separately so the students can see what is in front of them.

Make it fun! Give your students rewards and new badges as they move through the course.


Order management
Control your orders through dashboard feature.

Free & paid courses
Premium or freemium, you can do it all. Set up you courses as you want.

One time payments or subscriptions
Every business is specific. Set up your payment methods based on subscriptions or one-time payments.

Sales & promotions
Up-sell your clients through sales and discounts.

Gateway APIs
We have our custom payment gateway, but if you want any other you can connect it through clever API.


Custom branding
Easy customization, so everything looks as you want it. Put your logo there or change the colors of the entire app.

Custom frontend
Do you need more? No problem. We can make any changes so the app is totally as you want it.

Custom sales page
Sale your courses through a custom landing page, that you can edit and prepare as you want.

Custom features
Something is missing? Let us know! We can make any other changes for you, so the app is prepared for your usage.

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