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External online training is a new thing in communicating with customers. You know how it looks right now. If you buy a new product, you will get a huge book with instructions and guidelines on how to use your new gadget. But really, who reads it?

Why not do it more effective and set up an online educational system, where will your customers learn effectively and look only into what they really want and the best part? They will find it right away through simple navigation!

What are the main benefits?

Increased customer satisfaction

The things we love to use are often very simple. And if we don't understand something we want a quick and simple solution. Online training will do just that!

Environmental responsibility

Let's think about our planet. If you standardize your customer training you will produce much less pollution and leave trees to their natural state.

Reduced costs on customer support

If you communicate clearly and simply, your customers will figure out much more quickly on their own how to use your products. This will lower the costs of customer support.

Get feedback on your tutorials

Do you know if your customers are pleased with your customer support? Blackbelt lets you collect ratings on your training materials, so you easily know what has to be done better.

What are the main benefits of Blackbelt?

Blackbelt for your specific needs
You can adjust Blackbelt as you want to fit it right to your needs. Do you need anything else? Let us know! Our development team will make it happen for you!

Wow your clients will amazing academy
Support portals often lack the cool look and simple navigation. Blackbelt does this for you! Your customers will love the navigation and simplicity.

Find the missing pieces quickly
Through the dashboard, you can find all information you need to make your customer training as effective as possible.

Make the most out of automatization
Reduced costs, increased customer satisfaction, increased product reviews and so much more!

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