Blackbelt Solutions

Employee training

Every company is built on people. If your people don't grow, your company will get stuck. This brings out a whole lot of new problems. How to do it effectively? How to monitor their progress? How to check if it makes any difference?

How Blackbelt can help?

Effective learning

We are not talking about the old way of studying. Blackbelt can help you build unique courses, that will be fun and encouraging.

Works for every student differently

It doesn't matter on which level student is or how fast can he study. If you can learn faster, you can do it or the other way around.

Talent discovery

Through Blackbelt, you can discover talents in your secret talents in your organization. With a clever dashboard, you will get complete an overview of what are your students doing and far did they come!

Reduces cost

You don't have to pay one time fees to coaches anymore. Do it once and properly and then use it how often you want.

What features can you find in Blackbelt?

Easy content creation
Blackbelt is build to be astonishing to use. Build courses with just a few clicks!

Let your students earn badges and levels for their studying activities.

Learn from anywhere
Do you want to use the time you spend on a train to work effectively? Take out your phone and use Blackbelt from it!

Clever report
Blackbelt gives you a beautiful overview of your student and their activities.

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