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Sales training

Want to have a strong sales team, that will lead your company to great revenue goals? Not all heroes are born. Most of them need a lot of training, mentoring, and practicing. This can cost you a lot of money! So what to do about that?

With Blackbelt you can build an online sales academy. This will help you to standardize your sales training and make sure that every one of your salespeople will get the same high-end training they need!

What will you get from it?

Automate sales education

Not everyone needs to hear the same thing. People start to need more basic training and confidence boosters. Blackbelt will help you to put people into the right levels.

Reduced costs

Don't even get me started on that. Good sales coaches are few and when you finally found someone they will be expensive as hell. Why don't you do it once and for all?

All-star sales representatives

How would your company look like if you had the best sales people? You can keep improving them and giving them the best possible knowladge at low cost!

Clear report for management

How do you know what your people do at trainings? Did they learn something? Blackbelt gives you clear report about what your people learned and through gamification you see, on which level are they!

What are the benefits of effective Sales training?

Higher performance
With growing knowladge and confidence your people will sell more, which means more money for them and to you!

Reduced costs
When you standartize your sales traning you will save a lot of money on one time workshops and seminars.

Amazing team culture
Do you have someone, who is much better then others? Lets pick his brain and make him a coach to others! This will help everyone and they also become friends!

Creativity goes up
Problem solving is one of the essential skills sales people can posses. With increasing knowladge raises this skill also! You will be suprised how much this effects everything!

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